RISE ROSE~! was a Ethelic Purisumu show led by Riri Kurin. It was a skating show with a beautiful song, counted as the main song of Ethel Rose.

LYRICS (English) Edit

Sometimes I feel,

someone's calling me

Sometimes I feel, 

to tell how I see

The world is in me

Sometimes I feel, 

to make them understand

that the world


(pre ch) How we see, how we feel, how we do everything our way, How different we are but we are still the same!

(ch) As you get to know Ethel

As you pick a rose

As you follow the ETHEL ROSE~

As you follow~(2)

As you follow the ETHEL ROSE~!



Tokidoki watashi wa kanjiru, darekaga watashi ni denwa shite iru tokidoki watashi wa kanjiru, watashi no mikata o tsutaeru sekai wa watashi no naka ni aru tokidoki watashi wa kanjiru, karera ni rikai sa seru soreha sekai watashi no naka ni 〜 (Pure cha) watashitachi wa dono yō ni mieru no ka, watashitachi wa dono yō ni kanjiru no ka, watashitachi wa don'na yarikata o shite iru no ka, watashitachi wa dono yō ni chigau nodesu ka? (Ch) anata ga eseru o shiru yō ni naru to anata ga bara o erabu toki anata ga ETHEL ROSE 〜 anata ga 〜 ni shitagau to (2 ) anata ga ETHEL ROSE 〜 ni shitagau yō ni!




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