Riri Kurin is the main protagonist of Ethel Rose, The first season. She manages to be a Ethelic Prism Star, But not accurate Enough to be A Royalty. She is successful in skating.

Her theme colour is brush yellow, which is her favorite color. Her name, Riri Meaning "Lily" and Kurin meaning "Clean" is a great explanation of her personality, as she loves lilies and she is always very "neat and clean".

Roles Edit

Riri gave up her chance to finalize audition and sacrificed to give a chance to Reki. Reki and she had been rivals since they were born on the same date, same place and same month. Each one wants to win but even though Reki is Riri's rival, she sacrificed her audition for Sasukeri Purisumu Academy and gave Reki a chance. Reki and Riri were no more rivals then.

Riri even mastered Sakura Splash but her skate twisted. She was successful in a Star but not a Royalty. She was crowned a star from Dear Chars.

She is the daughter of Jatsu Kurin and Shijeto Kurin, who were the earlier Purisumu Royalties.

Songs/Duos Edit

Riri Took Part in 2 songs till now.

She had "Another Light And Blue Shine" with Reki Seibe as a duo

She Had "RISE ROSE~!" with herself


Screenshot 2

Riri's first move on her ''RISE ROSE~!" show.


Riri's original desing