Ethel ROSE is followed by Ethel BEAM which is the longest season. It has the most characters, who are

Cecilia Hanasami

Bakaruo Deiji

Ara Ashai

Yanako Hoshino

Kuradjo Aiko

Bakarun Deiji

Celicia Hanasami

Murasaki Kotomereru

Kotoha Manzoku

Purisumu Hoshi Edit

The Purisumu Hoshi in this season are

Bakaruo Deiji (Purisumu Hoshi) - 18 Jumps

Kuradjo Aiko Hoshino (Queen Of Purisumu World) - 54 Jumps

Yanako Hoshino (Purisumu Galaxy Hoshi) - 36 jumps

Dreamers Edit

Ara Ashai - 12 Jumps

Cecilia Hanasami - 14 Jumps

Kotoha Manzoku - 12 Jumps

Mura Koto (Murasaki Kotomereru) - 13 Jumps

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